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A Co-Opportunity to Create Something Epic!

Law of Cooperation

Cooperation, not competition, is the language of creation in the universe.

“The Cooperatist Movement’s mission is to create a movement of consensual cooperation for the betterment of mankind and the Earth. To provide structure, a forum and resources to aid in our conscious evolution using the Law of Cooperation as our directing principle.”

The law of Cooperation simply states: Who or what cooperates the most, thrives the most.

Cultural Conditioning

The world you see is the world you get, rather than changing the world maybe you can just change your perspective…

The Darwinian Model of survival of the fitness is really survival of Coopertist. We have cultural constructs that tell us to view the world and the universe as a hostile place where life is fighting with life, where chemistry is stealing from each other, where gravity is a form of domination and control. We are taught that we only get ahead by being better than others, more dominating, etc.

However through the Law of Cooperation we see that the greater part of the universe is not a hostel place, it is an evolution built on co-creation with the intention of allowing life to thrive. Biology is conscious as exemplified in the way that organisms unite and life continues to become more advanced and complex as it evolves.

It is called the Law of Cooperation because it applies to all subjects and is an empowering lens through which we can choose to see the world. From Biology, Chemistry, Physics, cosmology, sociology, economics, politics, physiology, and more. Here are some examples from each subject…


In biology we don’t know exactly how life began, we don’t even know where the building blocks came from. However we do know that there were only single cell organisms on earth at the beginning. Eventually cells began uniting and cooperating and became multi-cell creatures and through cooperation they began to thrive even more than the single cell organisms. Then more and more cells joined together and life evolved into more and complex life.

It’s easy to see why the survival of the fittest belief took hold, as life does consume life, but under all that is the cooperation of lots of different forms of life. Cooperation seems to be the key for all to live a thriving life. Not just the cooperation within the species, but cooperation with our habitat and environment.

Humans are made up of trillions of cells, bacterias, micro biome and so much more. All of these things are working together in cooperation to make our life what it is. Any competition within our body’s physiological systems equals, sickness, disease, cancer, and death. It is staggering to think about our body and just how many different organisms are working in unison so we can thrive. How much more or less will we evolve as a species depends on our level of cooperation with our environment and with each other.


When we look at the periodic table we see elements in their purest forms. If each element only had itself to bond with, it would make a universe with almost no complexity. If we had no cooperation within chemistry, it would end there at a few hundred elements and not much else. The building blocks of the universe do something amazing which is to bond with the other, share electrons, and create new compounds As more elements are shared everything becomes more and more complex yet it is the result of the simple law of cooperation.

In our competition model, we would say some molecules are stealing each other’s electrons and being forced to bond, but what if that is not what chemistry is trying to accomplish? What if we consider chemistry to be conscious that it chooses to bond to make greater and greater things? Cooperation between elements is the real building formula for the evolution of life. Everything we see and have in our universe as been made from this process of chemistry bonding in cooperative molecules into more and more complexity.

With this understanding how will we learn to co-create this universe?

Cosmology and Physics

When we look into the cosmos we see many things we don’t understand. We still don’t understand 96% of the stuff holding our universe together. Of the 4% we do understand which is matter and gravity, we see a universe which seems to indicate that bigger objects dominate (or pull on) smaller objects using gravity. We see that galaxies use gravity to control stars and hold them into a cluster, then stars use their gravity to get planets and other objects to orbit them. This is how planets have moons and other satellites orbiting them. Even us as humans are drawn to the mass of our planet and don’t float away because we are bonded with gravity.

Without this dance of the cosmos, no life could form as we know it. Rather than seeing gravity as a form of domination, what if there is a cooperation going on that makes life possible, that brings order to the chaos and stability for the entire process of creation to do its magic? Gravity when seen as a form of bonding and cooperation makes more sense out of how and why life developed. Life is set to flourish and all the right parts are in perfect balance.

What are the odds of all this happening so that life can flourish?

Two theories:

It’s all a random process: Even if the odds are a gazillion to 1 of life forming randomly, since there are gazillions of stars, we must just be lucky. When you mathematically figure out odds, you must multiply things together. If you ask, “What are the odds of being struck by lightning twice?”, let’s say it’s 1 in a 100,000 of being struck once, the odds of being stuck twice are not 1 in 200,000, but a 100,000 times a 100,000 which is 10 billion to 1. So when you look at the odds of life forming, there are so many things that have to line up perfectly, and hundreds or thousands of things we have to multiply together to get the odds correct.

For example, consider the odds of having a moon that stabilizes our spin, being in the goldilocks zone from our sun, having larger outer planets protecting us, having water on our planet, breathable atmosphere. There are so many more things that perfectly came together for life to happen as it did, and when you multiply all the odds on each factor of life together you get that life under this model without cooperation would be 1 in gazillions and gazillions (or some other incomprehensibly large number).

With cooperation of all these factors in some sort of cooperative/intelligent design, the odds could be truly 1 to 1 that this universe formed the way it did. I am not saying God is behind it all, let’s leave religion and spirituality out of this. Regardless,  it is worth making an argument that the universe is unfolding with this purpose of setting the stage for life to exist and flourish as the elements become compounds and simple life leads to complex life.

So we can either feel very lucky that we won the lottery 1000 times in a row or maybe the odds were always 1 to 1 that life happened because cooperation of many factors combined to evolve life.

It’s all About Competition: This argument says that the universe formed randomly and we are just an anomaly.

For a deeper look into this false assumption of randomness, please read Are Scientific Misconceptions Shaping Our Worldview?


Back in the cave man days as humans were just forming, we were in very small clan type groups. Life was a struggle to survive, yet we did have a means of cooperating well together. Over time we formed bigger and bigger clans, tribes, and village communities. Alone we were weak, but as a hunting party we could take out the biggest of animals and we began to dominate. As we formed and cooperated more and more we began to civilize into larger societies, and things like agriculture began and soon after forms of industrial revolution. As millions of us began to cooperate we became cities or countries as vast societies and became a super species. The next step is a cooperative global society that considers the needs of all species and acts as a steward of this precious planet.

When we have wars and disputes, the society that cooperates the most tends to thrive. Even things like military, slavery, obedience, forcing people to work over debt still prove to be a form of cooperation even if they are socially unethical and unacceptable. It is still the law of cooperation, but these are nonconsensual forms of cooperation that are forced externally rather than chosen from within. With consensual and conscious cooperation we can go so much further.

As we travel around our planet and experience our societies, with our transportation systems, health care system, the homes we live in, the energy grids, internet/computer systems, the things we do for entertainment, food/water/sewer/garbage systems in place and on and on. All of this is a result of the cooperation of many different people doing very different things. Most of this has been done with only moderate to low grade forms of cooperation.

Imagine what we can achieve when we live to serve each other in a kinder, more caring/sharing and willing forms of cooperation? Imagine when the entire world works together without borders, not by force or debt, but in an open source reality! Consider human evolution for the whole without the goal of profit for the few, but advancement for everyone…

What we can achieve will be truly epic. The notion of competition is so minimal compared to cooperation and we are on the verge of recognizing this as a new paradigm.

The Coopertist Movement envisions a day where people study cooperation as a practice, as a profession. We aim to bring forth the study of cooperation known as Co-Operology. Maybe one day we will be so good at cooperating we will not require training or school in cooperation techniques but until we master conscious cooperation it is our goal to set up the tools and resources to assist in this transition.


From the beginning of time economics was born out of cooperation. It was born out of surplus. When someone had more than what they needed, they could share and trade with others who had a surplus in something else. These original barterers were the first in a new era of sharing and cooperation. With this cooperation came peace and abundance was now possible because people did not want to hurt their trading partners. Win/Win situations were now possible and the human race moved quickly to more collective societies where trade and exchange became the basis of society. The more we traded, the more the we shared, the more cooperation there was the greater the societies become. See How Generosity Leads to Abundance for a deeper look into this concept.

We were still young in sharing and often it would appear like there was competition because fighting would break out over trade. One clan or society would fight another for control of the land and resources. The fear of loss motivates a “win at all cost” mentality. Even as military fight, it is still a battle of cooperation from within both sides. Whoever has the most cooperation from their side almost always wins the battles.

This mentality of war, win at all cost, greed, fear, domination, racism, sexism, slavery, usury, corruption, crime, violence are all various forms of competition gone bad. Everything we value in our lives comes from Cooperation. From the people in our lives we cooperate most with (many times family and friends), to the things we value which are made from a cooperative network, these are manifestations of people working together towards a common goal. Things like your home, your car, your food, your clean water, the roads, the power grid, and on and on come from cooperation of so many people.

This is why we at the Coopertist Movement are creating a new form of Coopertive economics called Co-Opernomics. It’s all based on using cooperation to create surplus so we can share more freely with each other. In this model, all of humankind and nature benefit from Co-Opernomics as we meet all of our needs sustainably.


Part of the illusion of competitive nature and control is the idea of one person or group controlling other groups to enforce cooperation. In the end a divided house will fall into civil war and anarchy if competition becomes too great. Whereas a society that cooperates gets bigger and stronger.

Politics is a set of rules that are set in place to ensure cooperation and punish disobedience. Not long ago there were only places in the world with native tribal laws where exile from the cooperation network of the tribe was extreme punishment. Eventually kings and royalty were devised as being of special lineage that gave them divine right to rule and many times tied their right to rule because a god was on their side.

It was a huge step when people rose up and decided the people should self rule by using democracy where each person had a vote and a majority decided policies. This method clearly was a step forward in creating cooperation, but it is still incomplete. If you have 51% of the people choosing together, you still have 49% that are being forced into cooperation.

What cooperates the most, thrives the most.

Democracies have always thrived the most compared to dictatorships and strict monarchies because of the greater amount of consensual cooperation. Democracies over the last 200 years have thrived. For many this feels like a fair and just system especially if you are in the 51% majority. The problem with democracies is for the minority (49% or less) this system can feel very disempowering and dominating.

Many times it is winner take all on a vote. For one the voting public is not always moral or correctly educated on the proper choice. For the minority it often means your views have no voice at all. For the winner comes victory and all its spoils, for the loser, better luck next time even if it is only losing by one vote. What this creates is a deep divide between issues. Obedient cooperation is based on the placing laws on the 49% to have to live with the rules set by the 51%.

As we come to realize the power of cooperation, we will see that democracy is limited in creating full cooperation. In order to come in full cooperation, full consensus is required. Now I know the thought of full 100% consensus feel daunting, especially from our current place of partisan fighting, but there are some keys to cooperation that can lead to consensus.

For one we have to truly care about each other and our planet. The idea of disagreeing, but still caring for each other is possible. Wanting the best for each other, loving each other, even in disagreement. Replacing single leaders with councils and commissions where all sides have a seat at the table with a desire to work together and cooperate.

The bottom line is we can’t solve issues like war with a democratic 51% vote while the 49% still fights. We can’t agree to solve crime, greed and the need for it with only while 49% of still living like that. We can’t solve climate change with only 51% willing to change our ways of living, while 49% are willing to destroy the planet.

The world we dream of is a world where we all respect each other, all feel safe from each other, our needs are met, we enjoy ourselves and have a good life. Full cooperation is the only path to that dream becoming a reality. Here is simple road map of the evolution to bring increased prosperity, freedom, and health.

Dictatorship/Monarchy/Oligarchy (1%)

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