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A Co-Opportunity to Create Something Epic!

The Key to Ending War, and Beginning Global Cooperation

The story of humanity’s journey has been astounding. We have come so far in a relatively short time.  We did not just have to fight each other for land, resources, and food, but we also had to fight Mother Nature, predators, weather extremes, and little access to cures illnesses/injuries. In many instances we had to kill or be killed. These hardships forced us to unite in tribes, groups, countries, religions and races.

People found that loyalty and cooperation within the tribe or group would keep them safe realizing  we could accomplish more together. Unfortunately the cooperation many times did not go past our inner circles and tribes. Sometimes one group would decide it wanted what another group had, sometimes they shared somewhat and got along, but many times they would just conquer and pillage the other group.

This was the birth of the Age of War. It was the moment instead of just trading and sharing with our neighbors, we decided to just take what we wanted by force. Maybe this was a result of scarce resources, but today we have abundance. This sets the stage for an Age of Cooperation.

Scarcity was perpetuated by economic systems, and the wars only benefitted the ruling classes. Our capacity to work together as a team fighting another nation was exploited and the spoils went to the kings and queens. This top down ownership is very disempowering to the majority of people within a nation and sometimes the knife was turned on the leaders in civil wars.

These wars took a huge toll on humanity as deep seeded pain, suffering, mistrust, and even hate devolved. The pain of being attacked, love ones killed, slavery, rape, torture, forcing religion on people, never seeing your family again or even worse stuff. Any ONE of these in our life would require therapy and healing from in our modern life and would be considered PTSD. Back then these serious traumas were commonplace, and most people experienced multiple of these traumas with no outlets to deal with the pain if they even survived at all.

These negative consequences of fighting have been handed down from generation to generation, these wounds go deep, the mistrust is real. It led to extreme racism, killing over greed, mistrust and hatred. Hatred is the deepest and most deadly form of racism to have entered the human family. Hatred, fear, division, are the key ingredients needed to wage war.

So as the hatred and greed grew, so did the conquering. Larger and larger empires began to expand. In order to either conquer others or be able to withstand it, having a military, weapons and defense was a huge priority. In fact so much so, society began to use an exorbitant amount of our resources, time, and material that could have went to better uses.

Imagine the potentially brilliant people fighting or dying in wars that could have been creating new inventions to help a peaceful society expand instead?

As countries formed, the taking of land allowed countries to grow bigger and bigger. When the New World was discovered by these empires, they wanted it for themselves. The native people of the New World were some of the more peaceful people on the planet having such an abundance of land and knowing how to work in harmony with the elements.

The invaders came first with their viruses and next with masses of new people hoping for a better life away from the wars and kingdoms. The Americas were a new life far away from the rest of the mayhem of the Eurasian. With slavery and many other immigrants coming in from around the world, the Americas became by far the most diverse group of people on the planet. Diverse, NOT  equal.

The United States founding fathers wanted to try something new and try equality and by uniting they could overthrow European influence and form a government which did everything it could to create freedom at its base. It was a fledgling concept and the Founding Fathers relied on Native American concepts of freedom and basic rights. The founding fathers did their best, but things like slavery and butchering the Natives were old world habits that got brought to this new land.

The seeds a cooperative world have always been with us. Trading was a way we made it so war was not necessary yet exploitation still reigned. I once had a friend say to me that the key to peace is surplus. Having surplus allows one to trade or share in the bounty for someone else’s surplus.

The industrial revolution in the 18th century was an era where surplus was mass-produced. In many ways this could have been the moment the age of war ended, but unfortunately greed and, hatred was still thick and the industrial revolution was used to create a war machine. So rather than all this new surplus bringing peace, it actually turned the war machine on steroids.

The battles with these weapons became bloodbaths. With each new war and the new technologies being applied to weapons, the wars got out of control. The only way countries could feel safe was to make packs and legions with fellow countries. Finally the age of war began to peak with World Wars.

WW2 was especially nasty, killing over 60 million people (3% of earths population at the time).  6 million Jews, 20 million Russians, millions of German, Japanese, British, on and on.  For the survivors of this calamity the pain was thick, the hatred was raw, many of people were in shock. This war included, mass genocide, mass civilian and military deaths, and even ended with multiple cities being firebombed and two Japanese cities being nuked. This war was out of control, the single ugliest episode of human history.

Tokyo 1945 after being firebombed.

It was now clear that any escalation of this type of war again would be thermo-nuclear war and would spell the end of the human race. We finally got to where we could completely annihilate the whole planet and we experienced a Cold War. This is also where the peace movement came to be, where more and people were waking up to realize that we either cooperate in peace or die fighting.

It’s not that the era of war is over, but the end is near. More and more people every year are waking up and demanding we live in a peaceful world. Wars still happen, but more and more people protest and don’t want them. As much of the world stops supporting the war machine and instead focuses on innovation, our technology continues to skyrocket. Finally the world is slowly but surely healing from the wounds of the fighting era. Racism is dying and the hate needed to fuel wars is just eroding year after year as more of a critical mass of people are seeking peace.

Just think about how much waisted resources, cost of lives, manpower, trauma, fear, pain, suffering, and missed opportunities war has cost us over the last 5000+ years. Its truly staggering! This age of war and fighting has stunted our growth, and made living on earth in a possible paradise to at times a living hell. We have seen our darkest parts of ourselves shown through and we have paid such a heavy cost for our inability to cooperate, share and get along. The cost has not just been in lives lost, but ingenuity lost, resources lost, time waisted, lives ruined, while normalizing things like slavery, greed, misogyny, racism, inequality, genocide, usury, and segregation.  The cost of war is so much deeper than loss of lives or injured.

If there is anything to take away from this article, is that cooperation is the key to expansion. It is also the key to solving the world’s pressing problems. Cooperation naturally ends war, ends greed, ends racism, ends sexism, ends inequality, ends usury, ends traumas, and ends hate. With cooperation we will have a world of peace, love, sharing, safety, equality, respect, innovation, freedom, joy, caring, empathy, compassion, respect, kindness and so many other good things.

It’s up to us to choose which era we will support, whether it be the era of war and fighting, or the era of cooperation and peace. If we continue this era of war and fighting, there is a very scary future with killer robots and AI intelligence figuring out to kill us with more and more precision. People are creating bio-engineered super bugs that can wipe out humans, we may end up being enslaved by our own creations, or nukes or just destroy the life systems on earth if we don’t change course.

When we embrace the Law of Cooperation and intentionally enter the era of cooperation, not only do we give ourselves a chance of survival as a species, but we also create a world where we can truly enjoy the ride. We can approach a world that is striving for utopia. In our hearts and deepest dreams this is the world we all know we want… A world where we are all good to each other… one big family. We decide if this is possible or not, it is up to us.

We have much healing to do, the pain of generations and generations of fighting, inequality and various other abuses run deep. The patterns of scarcity and mistrust will take time to heal, but we can’t start the healing while the traumas continue. We stand at a potent crossroads! The era of war is ending one way or another. Either we destroy ourselves or we abandon it and evolve.

Consensual cooperation has the potential to make your life wonderful and epic. In Hawaii the word Aloha means Hello/Goodbye AND I love you, a knowing that we are all interdependent. Imagine if walking down the street there was Aloha everywhere and with everyone! This is the world we can and will create. It solves all of our human problems and makes life more wonderful at the same time.

Welcome to the Era of Cooperation, it starts with you and many generations from now will thank you for creating a wonderful world. These future generations will find cooperating so much easier because of the work we do now.  If we learned generation after generation to hate and fight each other, we can learn to love and care for each other a lot easier.  But it will still take work to get there.  There truly is a pot of gold at the end of the cooperation rainbow.  The more we focus on cooperation with others, the better our life will be! Thanks for reading…

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