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Dangers of Artificial Intelligence Fighting Machines


Many of us saw The Terminator Movies and witnessed the warnings of technology becoming aware, hijacking the computer systems and fighting us almost to extinction.  For most people those movies were somewhere between entertaining and scary.  Many science fiction movies are ahead of their time in dreaming of our future. Today we are finally catching up to the Terminator movies and what was once science fiction is now becoming our reality.  What can we learn from from movies like Terminator to apply towards a rapidly approaching future?

With Artificial Intelligence (AI) now in 2017 we can see the day coming soon where computers will not just be programmed, but learn on their own.  They will not just take our manufacturing jobs, but also will be better doctors, engineers, construction workers, truck/taxi drivers, computer anything technician, better scientist, better chefs, better secretaries, better police, better cleaners, and on and on.  We will be heading towards a world of the Jetson’s with happy smart robots who do all of our work so we can persue things that matter like arts, music, travel, family/friend time, hobbies, adventure, fun, leasure, education/learning, charity, self care, etc.  How awesome would that be?

I had the thought in my youth that one day computers would learn from us just as we learn from our parents.  That computers will look to us to mentor and guide them on how to act and how to be.  In a very real sense we humans are the parents to this new AI.

What kind of example will we be, and how will these intelligent computers model our strengths and weaknesses? If we teach these AI robots to be kind and loving, hopefully they will duplicate that to their next generation, but even then there is no guarantee on the robots turning out nice especially since feelings like empathy are purely human and we are not sure what programming empathy into AI will look yet.

When we allow the military to create AI with the programming and learning on how to kill people better, we are playing with a loaded gun and pointing it at own head.  Irresponsible does not even come close to naming how foolish this is.  Despite warnings from many top and respected scientist we appear to be continuing forward full speed ahead.

This is Skynet in action like in the Terminator movies.  We must at all cost stop research and immediately ban AI war machines globally before it too late.  Again we are talking about a self aware, self learning machine designed to kill people and keeps get smarter at it with each new experience.  This machine is potentially smarter than us, faster than us, can tap into World Wide Web, possibly take over other computers or other devices (let alone nukes like in Terminator), and is stronger than us, and worst of all might see us as the enemy.  These computers can take more heat/cold than us, don’t need water or food or sleep, just a power source.  We seriously need to think about having even nice versions of these machines around, let alone trained killers.  Haven’t we already figured out good enough ways already on how to kill each other human to human?

So here is some common sense questions to hedge this off this coming possible catastrophe.

1. Should we ban AI research globally until human consciousness has itself learned to be peaceful and kind consistently, where we ban war ourselves and deal with inequality and racism?  So we can be a good example to the AI computers.  Teaching AI by example these negative traits is like handing a child a gun with no even basic instructions on how or when to use it.

2. How can we program all AI with a base programming of empathy, caring and love?  I want these machine to only kill us with kindness. 😉

3.  Is it common sense to ban forever AI programmed to kill or fight wars and how do we guarantee these fighting machines will not turn back against us?

4.  Also truly now who is left the fight?  The Chinese, the Russians, Europe, Terrorist?  Do we even need AI for war?  Actually do we even need war to solve our problems at all in this day and age?

What if we just embraced cooperation with each other, unify under one human race and end racism, inequality, and war.  AI will be our own karma literally.  If we are kind and nice, we will potentially get rewarded with lovely and wonderful AI friends, loyal and loving like a dog, but even better.  Life long friendships and robots who bless our lives.

As these AI computers get smarter than us, who knows what advances they will invent for us, as the computers themselves may speed up evolution and technological gains beyond our ability driving us quantum speed forward as we enjoy the benefits of being in a symbiotic relationship with AI.  OR we create our replacement here on earth, we build our own perfect enemy that beats us at our own game of violence and domination.  We create a monster and then release it on ourselves.

We at The Cooperatist Movement see the urgency of consensual cooperation now more than ever.  In how we treat each other and cooperate with each other is now going to make or break our future.  Issues like AI and climate change are going to force us to come together in a consensus way.  We have the opportunity to not just survive, but to thrive in a utopia we created.  The rewards of cooperation are so great, there is such an upside if we can all grasp what is at stake.  But failure to cooperate and we continue war, inequality, hate and indifference and consequences are potentially dooms day scenarios.  I’m not a doom and gloom type guy.  We created the Cooperatist Movement because we believe there is a better way moving forward.  We can create an epic reality moving forward we can all be proud of and enjoy.  There can be a happy story at the end of all this or there can be a nightmare as we destroy ourselves with own ignorance, greed and hate.  So we are at a cross roads, the road to utopia and epic reality OR a painful path to our own destruction

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