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Why Can’t it Be Christmas Everyday?

Merry Christmas to you today!  Isn’t Christmas wonderful?  We spend time with loved ones in a mostly peaceful way on this day.  We gather and eat special meals together, we share gifts, celebrate traditions, we mostly are good to each other and wish each other well.  What so many of us love is the goodwill towards all on this day.

We hear things like “not everyday can be like Christmas”, and this is what makes it a special day.  Why do we have these special days of love, sharing, gifting, and caring about each other and yet tomorrow it seems like all bets are off and its back to everyone person for themselves again?  Why dont we just wake up tomorrow and do it all over again?  More time with loved ones, more special meals, more gifts to be shared…and yet we all go back to our lives of quiet desperation.

What if we just decided as a culture/society that everyday can be like Christmas?  That the values of Christmas can make everyday better.  I sometimes feel like we are boxers who fight in the ring for the round, and then we take a break and go into our corners.  In our corner we get nurtured, cared for, and receive guidance before we sent back out to fight again.  To me Christmas and birthdays, other holidays and vacations, are all forms of going into the corner and taking a break from the battles of life.

So the real question is when will we throw in the towel from our ring corner and not come out for the next round of competition with each other?  When will we make the choice to make everyday Christmas? When will we treat others like today is their birthday everyday and people will treat us like that as well.  How awesome would that be?  How easy would that be?  How much fun would that be?  How much more epic would our lives become?  How much less stress, fighting and trauma would their be?  How much more love, prosperity and peace would there be?

It’s our world, we create it as we go.  Everyday we wake up and decide what kind of day we are going to have at least in terms of our attitude.  I get it that it is easy to wake up on Christmas or your birthday with a loving and positive attitude.  I also understand that waking up Monday morning and going back to work or school, dealing with life and chores makes this more challenging.

It’s easier on Christmas because we all collectively wake up in this spirit of unity.  It is easier to stay in this place because we have less negative interactions with others as we are all on the same page of kindness, acceptance and sharing today.  So my challenge and your challenge is to wake up tomorrow and continuing the goodwill, others may not join us in this perspective, but when we live with kindness, it is amazing how much more that reflected back to us as well (Law of Attraction).

Ultimately it is our choice to live well, to be happy, and to be good to others.  The Law of Cooperation says those who cooperate most, thrive the most.  So if we want to thrive more, all we have to do is be good to each other, and celebrate everyday as the special day that it is.

Let’s choose to make Christmas everyday!  Merry Christmas 🙂

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